In addition to WOWI's support of the essential pantry, we also provide holiday assistance by creating Thanksgiving baskets.  As with items in the essential pantry, these baskets are distributed anonymously through our school district to compromised local families in need of a little holiday time support.

The baskets contain shelf stable items for the holiday meal as well as breakfast,  some snacks, and a Stop and Shop gift card to purchase fresh items.  We were able to provide baskets for 14 families last thanksgiving, each "basket" consisting of two overflowing reusable shopping bags of food.  

Through the generosity of our members, and the community supporting our fundraisers, we hope to increase the number of baskets every year and spread even more holiday cheer.

Judy Ryan, Chairperson

Please see the attached donation list and instructions for the Women of West Islip 2018 Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive.

Please feel free to contact me about dropping off donations, 631-300-8803 


This year we will be donating 14 Thanksgiving baskets to West Islip families in need.  As in the past, the baskets will be distributed through Carrie Russo, one of the West Islip School district’s social workers.  Carrie also runs the Essential Pantry, and we are so grateful for everything she does in the community. 

Below I’ve broken up the food donation list alphabetically by the first letter of your last name. Choose as many or as few that you can contribute, however, keep in mind that we make 14 baskets, and we like to give each family one of each item. Of course any additional donations are welcome, if it’s something fun, buy 14!

We donate these baskets on behalf of all of the Women of West Islip and your support is very much appreciated. 


Small plastic jar Peanut Butter

Small plastic jar Jelly

Canned Green Beans

Large Can of Sweet Potatoes

Box of Macaroni and Cheese 

Gravy in cans or Gravy mix 


Shelf stable 6 pack Regular or Chocolate Milk

Stuffing Mix

Instant Mashed Potatoes

Corn Muffin Mix, 2 of Jiffy brand

Canned Cranberry Sauce

Hot Chocolate 


Pancake Mix/Bisquick

Pancake Syrup in plastic

Pasta Sauce in plastic jars or cans

Box of Pasta

Regular Size Package of Oreos or Chips Ahoy

Small Canola Oil 

As a reminder each basket gets a donated $25 gift card to Stop and Shop.


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